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Teen author writes books to send positive messages to young children

Justine Danielle Del Monte is currently in the 11th grade in California. She really enjoys traveling and attended a semester abroad in South Africa. When she was eleven she began her writing with “Drew’s Dancing Drum,” and continued Drew’s adventures with her second book, “Drew Meets Boo,” written at age 12.
Her most recent story, “Drew and the Cyber Bully,” was written at age 13, and it continues to educate children on bullying; she aims to send positive messages about acceptance to young children. She likes writing for kids as she relates to many of the struggles they face at such a young age, and her passion for writing has enabled her to turn her books into her Girl Scout Gold Award. (Justine has also earned the Bronze and Silver Girl Scout Awards.)
What started as a simple literature assignment for school turned into a book series (with discussion points), interactive Apps available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and an animated short film. Justine and the illustrator, Brendon King Chappell, had the honor of being keynote speakers at The Solano BookFest in 2015. Justine has done international community service in Nicaragua, Bali, Singapore, and Peru. She has also been a guest speaker at numerous schools and for Girl Scout Troops and is deeply honored that her simple stories are encouraging others to be "nice" and treat others with respect.
Justine says, “I wrote the books because bullying is so prevalent and kids need this information at a young age, far before middle school. It’s also important to understand why kids bully and to see not only how they are hurting others but how they are hurting themselves.” The books provide “important lessons about self-esteem and how to handle challenging situations.”

A Dreamer Against Bullying

Dorian learned at a young age that it is important to care about others and to be involved in the community. When Dorian hung out with friends, they told many stories about how they were bullied. He tried to stand up for classmates at school when they were bullied, but he was discouraged when he was called a “tattletale” or told to sit down. This upset Dorian, who wanted to help. He went to his mother and asked for her advice.
With his mother’s support, Dorian wrote and had published a book called DAB, Dreamers Against Bullying. He decided he wanted some of the proceeds from his book to be donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Dorian also became the leader and organizer of Bikers Against Bullying, a youth event that holds bike nights in his community. He takes pride in speaking at several schools and has created dance skits related to bullying prevention.
Dorian wants other kids to know that bullying is wrong, and that they can stand up for themselves and others who are experiencing bullying. Dorian says, “I just want to inspire others to do good things and let them know it is okay to speak up.”

Positive Vibes

It all started in 2017 when two brothers, Ethan, age 9, and Merritt, age 6, were out surfing and Merritt got pummeled by a big wave. He reached the shore and exclaimed, “That was crazy, but epic! Actually bro, that was CREPIC!” and an idea was born: the boys wanted to design cool surf and skater apparel, and give back to the community.
With their parents’ blessing, Ethan and Merritt began their small surfing apparel company called Crepic. “One of the main issues we focused on with the boys was the concept of social entrepreneurship and using their little company to do good in the world,” said their dad, Chad. “We asked them what a meaningful cause would be for them and both immediately suggested bullying.” Bullying was a natural choice for Crepic. While both boys have been teased for wearing glasses and know how hurtful bullying can be, they also appreciate the issue from a different perspective. “Our Dad is a pediatric plastic/reconstructive surgeon,” said Ethan, “and we’ve grown up with so many of his patients who have become our friends.”
Chad hosted a viewing party of the movie “Wonder” at the Children’s Hospital in Miami. After seeing “Wonder,” Ethan confided in his father how moved he was by how the boy in the movie was treated. It was this connection between PACER and “Wonder” that helped the boys to decide to choose PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to receive a portion of the proceeds from Crepic.
Ethan and Merritt say they “truly are committed to spreading positive vibes and the concept behind their company is that life is not about being ’the best‘, but rather about being ’one’s own best.” The message on their website is about spreading kindness and helping to prevent bullying!
At CREPIC, we're not into negative labels. We like spreading positivity and good karma throughout our community, and we all know that nobody likes to be called names be it on a board, on the field, or in the classroom. That's why we are using our company to help end a problem so many young people face today.

He Finds the Hero in Himself

Caleb first experienced bullying in the 7th grade. The bullying continued into 8th grade and then into his freshman year. He was told by his peers that he would never amount to anything, but during his freshman year, Caleb’s life changed.
“One day during English class, we watched a student-led bullying prevention presentation by upperclassmen,” Caleb said. “The presentation educated me about the different types of bullying, the effects of bullying, and how to stand up to bullying, and they showed videos of students sharing their experiences with bullying. Their motto was ‘Anyone Can Be a Hero’ and stand up for bullying. It was in that moment that I wondered if I could.”
One year later, it was Caleb giving that same bullying prevention presentation to freshmen. By the following year, he was in charge of the entire school program, including expanding the effort to the middle school where he was first bullied.
The program offers a survey about bullying at the beginning of the year to collect data. The presentation includes NCT (Name It. Claim It. Tame It) Scenarios, the students sign a Be a Hero pledge, and feedback is gathered from the freshman about what they learned, what was most effective, and what could be improved to make more of an impact.
Feedback from students has been positive, which includes: “It changed my life,” “I now feel I have the courage to stand up against bullying,” and “I now know that I don’t have to fight bullying alone.”
“Since the student-led bullying prevention presentation has been implemented, we have seen the rate of bullying dramatically go down and countless lives touched,” Caleb said. “I know that there are so many young adults struggling with mental health and that the rate of bullying is growing every day, and that there are many teens out there who feel completely and utterly alone, helpless, hopeless, and powerless. I want to empower others to do incredible things with their lives, and perhaps, even more importantly, truly impact the lives of others.”
It is Caleb’s goal to expand this student-led program to all public schools in Portland, Oregon, and to other schools nationwide!

Love Share Care

After watching her friend experience bullying, Azariah wanted to create a space for girls to interact online in a positive, friendly space free from bullying. And the idea for Love, Share, Care was born! This is a place for teen and tween girls to address cyberbullying through supportive and positive interaction. Girls can socialize, engage in online challenges to spread peace and prevent bullying, and even win prizes!
Azariah writes, “My idea to create a bully free social network came about after a close friend of mine experienced the torment of being bullied. My first thought was to create a group within my school for other girls who had gone through the same thing. I soon realized that the problem was much bigger than my school. I have always had a passion for helping others and bullying stands out the most to me, which made my desire to help not only my friend but girls everywhere. I want to inspire girls to be more positive not only on social media, but also through the interactions they have face to face. I want Love Share Care to be a social place that gives girls the freedom to share their ups and downs without the fear of being teased or bullied. I hope that my efforts show girls all over the world that we can make a difference by doing kind things for others, no matter how old you are.

Motivate Me

When we enter a room
The air changes
It's remarkable
Because we are children of the Most High
We have no choice but to be regal
We understand the importance of good attitudes
So we are attentive to the energy we give
We become because we are forever growing
Embodying the character of the legacy
We walk in
We have always been
And will always be KINGS & Queens
Quality over quantity
Defining uniqueness as a strength
Empowering the next generation
Embracing and loving each sister from day one
Never seeing a ceiling for the sky's the limit
We are nice with it
Fulfilling the needs of princesses training to be queens
Stepping up to the plate
Living the definition, character, and mission
And walking in our calling
- Andonnia Maiben

Dream Kings & Queens

It’s funny how life is. When I was in high school, many people said I wouldn’t be anything. It is truly amazing how good God is. There were students and teachers who believed in me and kept my spirits up on days when I just didn’t have the strength. I dreamt of being a model and an actress. I heard a lot of comments on how I wasn’t pretty enough, I was too short, or just flat out couldn’t act. I got a lot of work in modeling and if I had pushed as hard in acting I probably would have received the same, if not more success. Through faith, I’ve learned not to let people’s words get the best of me but to use them as motivation to accomplish my goals. Kids can be so mean, and who said words don’t hurt? I pushed, fought, and prayed really hard on every dream that I had. Deciding to be behind the scenes in the fashion industry rose from the slew of negative comments. I used them as inspiration and attended one of the best fashion schools in California. My own company at the age of 20 took suit which granted me the opportunity to work with numerous celebrities and attend events such as award shows, elite fashion shows, and major industry parties.

I believe there are three types of people when it comes to achieving your dream. The first one is the hard worker who pushes and believes in themselves and knows they can do anything they put their minds to. The second person needs a little motivation and a push every now and then to get things going. The third person dreams but is afraid to act or do anything about it because of what people say or what has happened in the past. Dream Big Queen! If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again. Don’t worry about what other people do or say. When you dream, don’t let other people steal them or discourage you. I know it gets hard sometimes, but fight and push or at least die trying. Never give up my young Kings & Queens. It’s okay, DREAM, dream really big! All you need is faith and perseverance and anything is possible.
- Sèna Pierre

Love Letters

Dear Scholar,
I would like to personally thank you for allowing me to share my vision, passion, and love for life in this curriculum. Please soak in every moment and hold onto every word you read. You are special, wonderfully made, and you are young but you have the power to make a difference! No matter how much you love and care for others, NEVER allow negativity to affect your life. You are worth much more than what others make you feel. Always remember that! You are deserving, brilliant, and exceptionally beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even through difficult times, always remember who you are, and not what people say that you are. Hold your head high, and most importantly, Know Your Worth & Make A Difference!
- Sèna Pierre

Dear Scholar,
You are a remarkable creation. The most important quest you will ever go on will be to find out who you are and how to love yourself. Wake up each morning and tell yourself that you are beautifully made, and special in every way. There will be times when you will feel like giving up, and when fear will conquer your courage. Hate will come in many forms, and tears may fall from your eyes, but always remember that you are amazing. There is beauty in knowledge, knowing your worth, seeing your growth, recognizing your potential, and loving yourself first. You are worth much more than any other person may know. You are valuable – worth more than diamonds and gold. Be fearless in your endeavors and apply the knowledge that you learn. As you nurture the things you have learned, they will open pathways in your life. Smile in the mornings when you look in the mirror, and always demand your respect. You are a King|Queen and nothing less. Be fearless in all things and keep your head held high. Never give up on what you believe in, for you have the power to move mountains.
- Love,
Megan A. Walker

Dear Young Kings & Queens,
I believe in you.
You are bold, brave, and uniquely created to add beauty to this world. Whenever things get tough remember that you are royalty. Don't let anyone dull the sparkle inside of you and always remember that kindness goes a long way. I know that life will not always be easy, but I am convinced that you have the strength and determinaGon to persevere. Don't ever give up-this world is counGng on you in ways that you may never know. Li] your shoulders, hold your head high, and wear your (invisible) crown with humility and grace. You have been chosen for this journey and I know that great things are in store. I am honored to know you, to watch you, and to witness what you will become.
- I believe in you.
BriCany King

Dear Kings & Queens,
There are 365 days in a year, 12 months in the same, 24 hours in a day, and 60 seconds in each of the 60 minutes that make up an hour. It’s your turn to choose how your Gme will be spent and the view of life you desire.
Life is interesGng in the way that although we can control some things, we cannot control them all. Some of the things that we can control is our aetude about something. We can control our perspecGve, where we govern how we assign value to that which happens to us and around us. We can also control our smile. We can discipline ourselves to smile through it, pray through it, overcome because of it, and ulGmately take a victory lap.
Your circumstances are not the period at the end of your story. They are the comma, there is more to come. You are a MASTERPIECE in progress, my love. You are worthy and deserving of the good things on the way. Keep smiling, praying, persevering, loving, and applying the faith to see that next (walking in faith) is actually now.
- You are amazing and I honor you,
Andonnia Maiben

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!"
- Audrey Hepburn


This program was definitely worth my daughter's time. We both loved how the IWILL Curriculum not only teaches you how to be kind and give back to your community but it also teaches you how to earn funds to save and give back. I will keep my daughter in this program until she finishes college.

- Mrs. Carroll Davis (Parent) See More Testimonials

We would like to thank all of our sponsors. There would be no us without you!



The basis of this section is founded on positive communication, diminishing of relationship violence, and the minimizing of abuse. This portion of the IWILL Program gains insight to the participants that offers a foundation that will provide life long lasting effects to ensure productivity to society and the economy.


The organization provides extensive support and educational components to support program participants on how to reduce bullying, support those who are being bullied, and provide support for those who have suffered from the effects of bullying. This sector includes both face to face and cyber bullying.


Curriculum based learning is the goal in the process of helping the participants to learn healthy self-esteem in the IWILL Program. A facilitator provides knowledge on tools to build and maintain a positive self-esteem internally. The participants are supported and guided to enhance inward processes to ensure a healthy loving self.


The IWILL Program offers one on one and group learning on suicide. The initiative gives access to adolescents on risky behavior and healthy mental guidance associated with the reduction of suicide. Not only is prevention imperative, but also assistance is granted to those who have suffered from a failed suicide attempt.


Having a sense of social responsibility enables teens to practice compassion and the value of being of service to others. Modeling responsibility and instilling values in teens can inspire them to be socially responsible individuals.

IWILL Character
"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
- William James


IWILL Character
IWILL Character

Lyrics for Learning

Lyrics for Learning

Lyrics for Learning is a positive way for our youth to express words of hope, empowerment, and self-confidence to their peers in an artistic and creative way. These gifted students will showcase their originality by creating an inspirational song that will empower, uplift, and build self-esteem among their peers with their words of love.


STEM Against Suicide

STEM Against Suicide

STEM Against Suicide hosts youth who are interested in STEM to express and showcase their talents all while bringing awareness and prevention to the epidemic of teen suicide. It will be a panel of influential leaders in the STEM industry that give knowledge and inspiration to these youth by sharing advice and life experiences.


Team Touchdown

Team Touchdown

Team Touchdown is a way for all of our football players to show an act of team building on and off of the field. Each group must have anywhere from 3-5 players. They will have to come up with campaigns under the umbrella of the IWILL Campaign to display actions of giving back to their community as a team.


Poetry With A Purpose

Poetry With A Purpose

Poetry With A Purpose is for students to combine their love of the arts and literature by creating a positive poetry piece that will uplift their peers and classmates.


The ART of Love

The ART of Love

The ART of Love is our way of showing love through art. Each participant will submit either a painting, drawing, sculpture, figure, or photo that shows an act of love.


Courtesy Court

Courtesy Court

Courtesy Court is for all the basketball students who play or simply enjoy the game. They will be required to create a campaign that shows how basketball players can exemplify good sportsmanship both on and off of the court.


Supportive Scripts

Movie Night

Supportive Scripts is for all of our film and theatre students. Students must create an inspirational script and submit pre - production, production, and post productions details for their script. This can be a group project of no more than 5.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
- Albert Einstein


The IWILL Summit

The IWILL Summit is our largest event of the year. We invite all students who have completed the IWILL Program to participate in a weekend of fun, laughter, and information. We have several influential people from multiple industries come to convey words of ambition, empowerment, and to inspire to help build their self esteem.

Walk Against Suicide

Walk Against Suicide is our annual walk for suicide prevention. It is held during September which is suicide prevention and awareness month. Our participants consist of parents, children, friends, or peers of those who have taken their lives by suicide. Citizens walk 5 miles to raise awareness and prevention.


Royalties is our bi annual virtual award ceremony that takes place each semester. We honor and give recognition to all students who go over and beyond at their schools and communities. These students will receive certificates, seals on their IWILL accounts, and scholarships. The public is able to be involved by voting for the student they are supporting.

IWILL Character