Motivate Me

When we enter a room
The air changes
It’s remarkable
Because we are children of the Most High
We have no choice but to be regal
We understand the importance of good attitudes
So we are attentive to the energy we give
We become because we are forever growing
Embodying the character of the legacy
We walk in
We have always been
And will always be KINGS & Queens
Quality over quantity
Defining uniqueness as a strength
Empowering the next generation
Embracing and loving each sister from day one
Never seeing a ceiling for the sky’s the limit
We are nice with it
Fulfilling the needs of princesses training to be queens
Stepping up to the plate
Living the definition, character, and mission
And walking in our calling
– Andonnia Maiben

Dream Kings & Queens

It’s funny how life is. When I was in high school, many people said I wouldn’t be anything. It is truly amazing how good God is. There were students and teachers who believed in me and kept my spirits up on days when I just didn’t have the strength. I dreamt of being a model and an actress. I heard a lot of comments on how I wasn’t pretty enough, I was too short, or just flat out couldn’t act. I got a lot of work in modeling and if I had pushed as hard in acting I probably would have received the same, if not more success. Through faith, I’ve learned not to let people’s words get the best of me but to use them as motivation to accomplish my goals. Kids can be so mean, and who said words don’t hurt? I pushed, fought, and prayed really hard on every dream that I had. Deciding to be behind the scenes in the fashion industry rose from the slew of negative comments. I used them as inspiration and attended one of the best fashion schools in California. My own company at the age of 20 took suit which granted me the opportunity to work with numerous celebrities and attend events such as award shows, elite fashion shows, and major industry parties.

I believe there are three types of people when it comes to achieving your dream. The first one is the hard worker who pushes and believes in themselves and knows they can do anything they put their minds to. The second person needs a little motivation and a push every now and then to get things going. The third person dreams but is afraid to act or do anything about it because of what people say or what has happened in the past. Dream Big Queen! If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again. Don’t worry about what other people do or say. When you dream, don’t let other people steal them or discourage you. I know it gets hard sometimes, but fight and push or at least die trying. Never give up my young Kings & Queens. It’s okay, DREAM, dream really big! All you need is faith and perseverance and anything is possible.
– Sèna Pierre