This program was definitely worth my daughter’s time. We both loved how the IWILL Curriculum not only teaches you how to be kind and give back to your community but it also teaches you how to earn funds to save and give back. I will keep my daughter in this program until she finishes college.

– Mrs. Carroll Davis

As long as I’ve been working for the school system I’ve never come across a well needed program such as The IWILL Program. This is one for the books. Our students and parents love the social responsibility component that teaches financial literacy but also how it gives them real scholarships for their hard work and how it teaches them how to give back to those in need in the world. This is an excellent concept!

– Mr. Garcia

I really enjoyed taking this program and will continue to take it until I graduate college. I love the fact that now I can help my peers who are feeling depressed or unwanted. I also love how I’m able to receive real scholarships for the programs and fundraisers I participate in. I will be the highest ambassador before I graduate high school.

Tiffany Gibson

I am so happy that we were recommended to the IWILL program. My kids go to a school where they have witnessed other students being bullied and it really had an affect on them. This program helped them cope with that and gave them ways to handle that.It helped me also, because sometimes as a parent you just don’t know what to do for your children. I am hoping that they will take what they learned and use it to help others. I recommend this to all students and parents.

– Mr. Taylor

THIS PROGRAM IS AMAZING!! My daughter attended an event given by this organization and she went from thinking that she was not good enough, or pretty enough, or popular enough to being ok with herself. When I saw that they had this program, I immediately signed her up for it and OMG, it has really helped her realize her self worth. She has a better outlook on who she is, she has better friends around her that help bring out the best in her and she really wants to help other girls feel the way she feels. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Society of Royals for your IWILL program!!

Ms. Cruz