Self Respect

by admin | Uncategorized | November 13, 2020

Where does one begin to measure what should be treasured always? That is the one question left before us that has been left unanswered as we continue to discover our worth and find the value of self-respect. Self-respect beholds our worth of self. It validates our moral standards while embracing the truth of how we present ourselves before others. It reveals the platform of how we will treat others, and how we will allow others to treat us. 

Where does self-respect begin? How does one proceed to embrace self-worth? 

Self-worth is acknowledging who you are by understanding yourself, your values, and your moral beliefs regarding life, as well as the principalities which involve choice, acceptance, and tolerance. This impacts where your integrity is rooted, and stages how you associate with others, while serving as a filter for those who will come into your life, remain, or depart from it. Once you’ve discovered the core values of who you are, then you will come to the threshing floor of self-respect, which will prohibit you from compromising your integrity or self-worth. As women, we need to know that our worth is more than we see publicized, advertised, and marked across social media networks that only service our external appearance rather than embracing our integrity. 

We are more than an adornment piece who is identified through our physical appearance or sexuality. Why do we as women stage ourselves to be looked upon as objects to entertain sexual predators, rapists, and molesters to gage upon us inappropriately? It is time for us as women to understand our worth and uncover the truth of who we are, and set the platform for the next generation to learn how to be deeply rooted in knowing the value of the hidden treasure that can only be discovered within you – SELF-RESPECT.


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